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Boursin Potatoes

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  Boursin potatoes - Blog 3730


Growing up in Southern Vermont in the 70s and 80s cheese meant just one thing, glorious Vermont Cheddar.  Long before the artisanal cheese making boom that has swept the country over the past 15-20 years, Vermont's cheddar tradition even then was well established.  "Imported" cheeses whether from other regions of the US, or from other countries were something I rarely encountered as a kid.

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Steak with Blue Cheese Bacon Butter

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Steak wide - Blog 3699


This little number was inspired by a dish Hayden had while dining out this summer  We were at a lovely little local joint, The Sun Tavern, and as soon as I saw the dish listed on the menu I KNEW he was going to order it.  I'm happy to say that all of my boys have grown to be adventurous eaters, at various times tucking into lamb brains, frogs legs, beef heart, and snails, but more often than not when we're out they'll order up some spin on a steak and potatoes feast.

On this occasion, the dish was a twist on steak frites, the steak was a sirloin and it was topped with a big old slab of a melting compound butter made with blue cheese and bacon.  

What could be better?  

Judging from the speed at which he finished his meal...... not much!

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Peach and Blueberry Cobbler

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Plated - Blog 3689


This past week I committed the cardinal sin of food shopping, the very thing I urge all of my "Cooking Matters" students to avoid.

I went shopping while hungry.  Starving actually, if I'm to be totally honest with you all.

While racing from point A to point B last Thursday, I zipped into my farmer's market (with my stomach at full growl) to grab some fresh produce to tide me over for a few days.  A sample of a fresh from the tree local peach sent me into full craving mode and rather than buy a single 3 pound box for eating fresh, I decided to pick up two.  Like I said, NEVER shop hungry!

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Potato Poppers

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  Finished poppers - Blog 3662


 I've always been a freak for twice baked potatoes (really...it's embarrassing), so when I saw this twist on the classic in my latest Cooking Light Magazine, I couldn't resist.  I had a bunch of baby potatoes in my crisper left-over from a potato salad I made for the the 4th and everything else I needed on-hand as well, so these were a breeze to pull together.

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Flour's Chunky Lola Cookies

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  Lolas - Blog 3660


As I was with Sarabeth's "Chocolate Chubbies" that I posted here some time ago, I am grateful for the quirky name that Flour Bakery adopted for these cookies.  Having the word chunky in the name helps me to keep my intake of these dandies in-check as it is a constant reminder of the risks inherent in letting yourself go with a tin full of these on the counter.  Enough said.

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Chocolate Pecan Brookies

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  Tight - Blog 3657


A brookie....what the hell is a "brookie", I can hear you asking?

Well, in my parlance, a brookie is a cookie with the texture of a brownie.

Get it?

I decided to whip these up the other day because I needed a BUNCH of cookies in a hurry for an event I was hosting at my home.  Rather than cook up multiple batches of much larger cookies, I decided to pull out my #70 portion scoop (about 1/2 ounce, 1 tablespoon) and cranked out about 4 dozen of these gorgeous little "brookies" in no time.

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Chocolate-Oatmeal-Walnut Cookies

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Cookies tight- Blog 3644


Ever go to a top-notch bakery and buy a huge, delicious chocolate chip cookie and wish that you could make one just like it at home?

Well now you can.

These behemoths, from the famed Tartine Bakery in San Francisco are the ultimate bakery case cookie.  Fully 3" wide, they are packed with chewy-earthy oats, crunchy walnuts and decadently rich bittersweet chocolate.  The addition of molasses gives them a depth of flavor that brown sugar alone can't quite match, and their generous size will satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth at your table.


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Baked Potatoes with Chive Butter

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  Potatoes tight- Blog 3641


Fresh home from college, my oldest son and I enjoyed these awesome baked potatoes the other night when sitting down to a nice home-cooked steak dinner.  It was my first foray into cooking steaks sous-vide, and while I'm sure to dedicate a post to that cool experience soon, I'll just tell you now that they were simply amazing!

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Spicy Sriracha Chicken Wings

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Wings - Blog 3637


I feel like I'm on the verge of another "chef crush".

First there was Thomas Keller, the super talented and famous chef behind "The French Laundry", "Per Se", "Bouchon Bakery" and "Ad Hoc".  Over the years I've cooked and shared a number of his recipes here, and each has been the perfect expression of what the dish should be. From quiches, to brownies, to fried chicken, a Keller recipe never disappoints.

So who is the subject of my new "chef crush" you ask?

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Yogurt Coffee Cake

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Coffee cake wide- Blog 3629


I came up with this cake the other day as a means of using up some nuts and yogurt I had laying about, and to have a little something special on-hand for our "morning after prom" gang.  It turns out that the cake never survived the prom after party to be enjoyed as an accompaniment to morning coffee....oh well.

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